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friday - May 15, 2020

Westerner Park, Red Deer

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– On the Mark Charity Drive-In –
Westerner Park Parking Lot 

A fundraising event to benefit Red Deer charities during a time of need. This event will benefit Aspire Special Needs Resource. All equipment and manpower is 100% volunteer! No person or company will be receiving compensation for participating in this event. The only deductions will be to cover licensing and transaction fees.

Movie Feature: Disney Pixar’s Cars

Tickets go on sale on Monday, May 11th at 10:00 am
Tickets will not be available at the gate and must be purchased in advance.

Participants must follow AHS guidelines and remain in their vehicles. There are no washrooms and no food service.

Event Hours:

Gates open at 8:00 pm
Movie starts at 9:15 pm
Gates close at 9:30 pm

(no re-admittance)

Admission Price per Vehicle:

Front row (40 spots): $40
Second row (40 spots): $35
Third row (50 spots): $30
Fourth row (50 spots): $25

No Additional Parking Fees

For all event questions, please contact Mark Linton:

P: 403-346-6275

Please note: Alberta Health Services requires the following steps and precautions are taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  • No ill or individuals required to self-isolate are permitted at any drive-in event. Such individuals must remain at home in self-isolation.
  • Drive-in events must minimize the number of people outside of a vehicle. Although 15 people is the absolute maximum, numbers should be limited further when possible. It’s important to include all of the people at the event when calculating the drive-in event numbers; this includes staff/volunteers involved in security, technology and hosting.
  • All people outside of a vehicle must maintain physical distancing
  • Cars should pull in to designated, well-marked, parking stalls. In spring/summer, it is reasonable to allow people to have the windows down if cars are parked 2m apart (i.e. park in every second parking spot and have ground markings showing attendees where to park). Hosting an event at night or the evening would minimize people stuck in their cars during the day time heat.
  • One household unit per vehicle. If people share a home, they can share the vehicle. Household units should not be picking up other friends or family for the event.
  • Attendees must stay in their vehicles for the duration of the event.
  • No food or beverage service is allowed. At this time, no drive thru of a permitted facility (e.g. food truck) would be allowed because this would likely result in longer events and encourage people to get out of their vehicle and lineup for food and beverage services.
  • No public washrooms should be available and attendees need to be made aware of this through communication from the event organizer. Cars will need to be parked in a format, that should someone need to leave during the event, they can easily do so.
  • Drive-in events must not be longer than 2 hours because there are no washroom facilities and loner drive-in events will encourage attendees to leave the vehicle.
  • No handouts to attendees would be permitted; this includes, but is not limited to: food, diplomas or party favors.
  • Organizers must have a security plan in place that will ensure rules are followed, such as no exiting vehicles. For large events, the plan may include onsite monitoring/security. Organizers must ensure all attendees are informed of event rules before the event begins

Westerner Park fully supports Alberta Health Services and its decision to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

For the latest information, guidance, and resources on COVID-19 visit

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