All ticket sales are final. You adhere to The Rules of Conduct and Conditions of Entry by purchasing a ticket. In some cases, there may be extra terms and conditions based on specific events decided by the promoter. 


The holder grants permission to Tickets Alberta and affiliates, the league, and the promoter of the event to utilize the holder’s image, likeness, actions, and statements in any live or recorded audio, video, or photographic display or other transmissions, exhibition, publication, or reproduction made of or at the event in any medium or context for editorial, commercial, promotional, and security purposes without further authorization or compensation.  

Assumption of Risk 

The holder accepts all risks related to any event for which your ticket is issued, whether occurring prior to, during or after the event. Holder agrees that the facility, Management, employees, performers, and Paciolan are not liable for injuries, losses, or fraudulent use arising from the ticket purchase for this event.  

Payment, Refunds and Exchanges 

Your ticket is a revocable license, subject to termination with denial of admission at Management’s discretion. If the holder violates The Rules of Conduct deemed appropriate by Management, you will not be entitled to a refund. There are only refunds or exchanges if the event’s promoter decides otherwise. Tickets are not redeemable for cash. Refunds must be submitted in the original payment used at purchase. Your purchase will be listed as TICKETS ALBERTA on your credit card statement. Third-party purchases will not be refunded. We refund the base price minus all fees. 

Ticket Mail Out, Pickup and Voids 

If your tickets are being mailed to you, please contact us ten business days before the event if you are still waiting to receive them. We can reprint your tickets on the day of the event (reprint fees will apply), provided you present the order confirmation, the credit card used to purchase, and a valid photo ID. Tickets which are lost, stolen, counterfeit, or obtained from unauthorized and third sources will be void.  

Rain Check 

The promoter and/or venue determines rain check policies. Events indicating “RAIN OR SHINE” will not be offered compensation based on inclement weather. 

Professional photography of any kind is prohibited for ticket purchasers at the event. Furthermore, Tickets Alberta and affiliates, the league, and the promoter of the event reserve the right to use any images, audio, video, or other recordings of the ticket holder for editorial, commercial, or promotional purposes without any additional authorization or payment. 

Ticket Limits
For some events, there may be limits set on ticket purchases. These are determined by the event’s promoter and not set by Tickets Alberta. 

Obstructed and Limited View Seat Policy
Some seats in your order may have a limited or obstructed view due to the seat and event (seating will be labelled appropriately online). These will be labelled with descriptions such as ‘obstructed view,’ ‘limited view,’ or ‘blocked view.’ We can only sometimes judge what portion of the stage you will not see, as this varies for every event and is also affected by your height and the height of those patrons in front of you. Unfortunately, these seats are not eligible for exchanges or refunds.  

Cancelled, Rescheduled, Postponed Events 

If an event is cancelled, rescheduled, or postponed, Tickets Alberta will alert you as soon as possible. While Tickets Alberta regrets the inconvenience caused by these circumstances, we cannot be held responsible for any cost or damage that such postponement or cancellation may incur.  

Cancelled Events – You will get an automatic refund for tickets bought through Tickets Alberta. We refund the base price of your ticket cost to the original form of payment and cannot refund the incurred fees. 

Postponed/Rescheduled Events – your ticket(s) are still valid, and no further action is required. When it becomes available, we will contact you with the new date and time. However, the promoter of the event may approve refunds or the option to choose between a refund or a credit for the event. Any refund and/or credit policies are determined event-by-event by the event’s promoter. They may be subject to limitations set by the promoter of the event. If the promoter of the event approves refunds and/or credits, we will send you a notification explaining your options, and you may submit a request for a refund or credit. Alternatively, you may keep your ticket(s) to the postponed, rescheduled, or moved event.  


Westerner Park is committed to providing a safe, comfortable, enjoyable, and inclusive experience in all our venues. Everyone is welcome and should expect an environment where people are treated in a courteous, professional, and respectful manner by all patrons, arena staff, event personnel, performers, players, and other guests. Westerner Park will not tolerate unsafe, abusive, unlawful, or offensive conduct in our venues. 

The following conduct is prohibited in the venue, parking lots, facilities and areas controlled by Westerner Park:  

  • Verbal or physical harassment of Westerner Park staff, volunteers, or supportive members. 
  • Unruly, disruptive, threatening, or violent behaviour, including verbal or physical harassment of officials, players, or patrons. 
  • Illegal conduct. 
  • Conduct that results in damage to the venue or other personal property. 
  • Displaying signs, symbols, and images using abusive or discriminatory language, including race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, ability, or sexual orientation. 
  • As per section 69.1 of the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Act, any person(s) affiliated with or wearing gang attire.  
  • Displaying signs, symbols, or images for commercial purposes. 
  • Entering or attempting to enter the venue where not permitted by the holder’s ticket or credential. 
  • Weapons of any kind, including but not limited to knives, pepper spray, stun guns, concealed weapons, and firearms. 
  • Possession of an unauthorized pyrotechnic device, smoke, or fireworks. 
  • Throwing objects of any kind or entering the field of play or performance area. 
  • Failing to follow requests from venue staff regarding Westerner Park’s policies and procedures. 
  • Irresponsible use, consumption, or any signs of impairment from the use of alcohol or other substances. 
  • Possession of alcohol by a minor or providing alcohol to a minor. 
  • Possession of alcohol not purchased inside the venue. 
  • Smoking (including e-cigarettes or vaporizers) except in specifically designated areas.  
  • Sitting in a location other than the seat identified on the holder’s ticket. 
  • Any disruptive, harmful, or disorderly behavior or act of any kind, in the opinion of Management, which presents a risk to the safety of other patrons and staff will not be tolerated. 


Westerner Park is committed to providing all patrons and staff a safe, healthy, and enjoyable environment. In return, we ask you to respect our facilities and contribute to an enjoyable event for all our patrons. In support of this, entry into a Westerner Park venue is subject to specific conditions.  

Refusal of Entry from the Venue 

To ensure public safety, Westerner Park reserves the right to refuse entry or remove any patrons when:

  • The maximum number of patrons for the venue/facility has been reached;
  • Patron is deemed intoxicated or behaving in a disorderly manner;
  • Patron is offensively attired or whose attire may compromise the safety of other people;
  • Patron fails to comply with a lawful request from staff and/or authorized personnel;
  • Patron commits any act of vandalism, littering or damage to property;
  • Patron does not follow the instructions of Westerner Park Management. This includes but is not limited to any behaviour that may put yourself or others in harm’s way and or may be disrupting the view or experience of other patrons.

No refunds are issued to people removed from the venue. Patrons and the general public may be referred to the police as deemed appropriate by Management.  

Any patron must have a valid ticket to enter the venue for ticketed events. 

Prohibited items

The following items are prohibited from entering the venue unless authorized explicitly by Westerner Park: 

  • Weapons of any kind 
  • Alcohol and drugs 
  • Musical instruments 
  • Whistles 
  • Unauthorized temporary signage and promotional products 
  • Fireworks 
  • Flares 
  • Laser pointer 
  • Pyrotechnics 
  • Rollerblades, skateboards, scooters, helmets, shoes with wheels 
  • Professional cameras, audio recording equipment or video cameras 
  • Animals except for authorized assistance or service animals 
  • Any large items that cannot be placed under a seat, allowable things can change on an event-by-event basis; please refer to the particular terms on the event ticking site. (Please see Bag guidelines)  
  • In Westerner Park’s opinion, any other item could cause damage, harm, or public nuisance. 


Alberta’s Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act (TRA) protects people from exposure to cigarette smoke by prohibiting smoking within five meters (16 feet) of a doorway, open window or air intake in a public place or workplace, including work vehicles. 

The practice of “vaping” – using an electronic cigarette – falls within the definition of smoking under the City of Red Deer’s Smoke-Free Bylaw and is therefore prohibited in public places as outlined in the bylaw. 


No outside food or beverages are permitted by any persons into the venue.

Beverages – Alcohol 

Patrons entering Westerner Park are advised that they are entering a liquor-licensed facility. Alcoholic beverages must not be taken into or out of the Westerner Park grounds. It is an offence for minors to purchase or consume alcohol or for patrons to supply alcohol to minors. It is a condition of the liquor license for the venue that liquor cannot be brought onto the grounds and served to a specific time of day. There will be zero tolerance for intoxication.  


Access will be managed via screening and checks, which may include electronic equipment scanning and/or personal body checks and any other checks deemed reasonable. It is a condition of entry that all patrons consent to have their bags, clothing or other items checked upon entry or within the venue anytime. Any patron who fails to comply with screening requests may be refused entry or removed from the venue. 

Field of play and restricted areas 

Ticket Holders and non-accredited patrons must not enter the field of play at any venue or any area to which access is restricted unless directed by venue personnel or Management. 

Risk and Liability 

All patrons enter the venue at their own risk. Each patron assumes all risk of any damage or loss (including property damage, personal injury, economic and consequential loss) however it arises at the venue. 

Each patron brings personal effects into the venue at their own risk, and Westerner Park will not be responsible for any damage to or loss or theft of personal property. 


By entering a venue, you agree to comply with and cooperate with Westerner Park’s Conditions of Entry.