Ticket Policy
Sales for all events are final. There are no refunds or exchanges unless decided otherwise by the event owner.

Your ticket purchase will appear on your credit card statement as TICKETS ALBERTA. If your tickets are being mailed to you, it is your responsibility to notify us prior to the performance if you do not receive your tickets so we may reprint them for you upon your presenting the Order Confirmation, credit card used in the purchase and proper photo identification. Reprint charges will be in effect for the day of the performance. Inclement weather is not a cause for refund unless a performance is actually cancelled.  Tickets which are lost, stolen, counterfeit, or obtained from unauthorized sources will be void. Tickets are not redeemable for cash.

Copying of any performance by camera, audio, or video recording equipment by ticket purchasers are prohibited.

Tickets Alberta and affiliates, the league and the organizer/promoter of the Event reserve the right to utilize the Holder’s image, likeness, actions and statements in any live or recorded audio, video or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of or at the Event in any medium or context for editorial, commercial or promotional purposes without further authorization or compensation.

Ticket Limits
For some events there may be limits set on ticket purchases. These are determined by the Event Promoter and not set by Tickets Alberta.

Group Sales
For some events there may be discounts or group rates available. These are determined by the Event Promoter and not set by Tickets Alberta. For information on individual events and potential group rates please contact the Tickets Alberta Box Office at BoxOffice@TicketsAlberta.com or call 1-866-340-4450.

Obstructed and Limited View Seat Policy
When applicable, if one or more seats in your order is a limited or obstructed view, depending upon the particular seat and show this can result in an inability to see the complete stage. It is not possible for us to judge what portion of the stage you will not see because this varies for every show and is also affected by your height and the height of those patrons in front of you. Some patrons are willing to accept these limitations and are not bothered by them.

Limited or Obstructed View seats can be labeled in the cart with the following descriptions: Obstructed View, Limited View or Blocked View. These descriptions will be clearly labeled under the assigned seat on the cart page, payment and delivery page, confirmation page, and confirmation email and will not be eligible for exchanges or refunds.